Mom finds ‘monster’ spider in son’s bedroom

A mother found what she called a 'monster' spider in her son's room on Wednesday.

Jillian Duke, who is listed on Facebook as being from Shelby Township, Michigan, posted the photo of the (now dead) spider on a paper towel.

Duke posted the photo, saying: Found this MONSTER furry spider in my sons room this morning. Thank God my daddy came over to get it out. Mind you, he's almost 73 and has lived, traveled and worked all over the world and has never seen a spider like this. I'm so concerned because it could have hurt or done worse to my child. My dad thinks its poisonous for sure. (He practically ripped his room apart to make sure there weren't any more) but anyone have a clue to what this is? Thinking of taking it to a vet or animal clinic to find out what kind this is. 

She later confirmed in a comment that it was identified as a male Australian huntsman spider.

Huntsman spiders are considered beneficial because they eat other insects and invertebrates.

They are generally not considered dangerous to humans, but a bite from one can be painful and can cause swelling.

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