Miami Beach commissioner calls for police to get ‘back their bullets,’ remove body cameras

A Miami Beach commissioner has apologized for the phrasing of an email in which she called for police to get "back their bullets," and remove their body cameras in order to  get their "dignity" back.

The comments were made in an email sent Tuesday by Commissioner Kristen Rosen Gonzalez to Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy Morales regarding Police Chief Dan Oates.

Gonzalez addressed the email with Local 10 News.

"I apologize (for the) way I phrased my email," she said to Local 10 News on Thursday. 

The email, which was obtained by the Miami Herald, said the following:


Did you ever stop to think that maybe, the Chief is failing at leading his troops?

We need to give the cops back their bullets, remove their body cams, give them their dignity, and let them work all the off hours stuff they want.

Maybe then they will start policing the city again.

What do you think about this?

Chief Oates is a highly educated and gentile guy. He should be the Chief in Palm Beach. Not Miami Beach."

Gonzalez said that she’d heard from officers that they were concerned about the cameras because they record mistakes and that directives to use less lethal force has officers thinking twice about going after criminals.

"We need to find out why, and what’s going on, because we want people to trust police, and we want police to be able to do their jobs," she said to Local 10 News.

After Gonzalez sent her email Morales responded with a message of his own and told the commissioner that the department had controversies in the past that she he wasn’t going to "take this department backwards."


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