Second family cat found dead weeks after previous cat found hanging on fence

For the second time in as many weeks, Eddie Martinez said the family cat was found dead.

"You get home for the same thing you're going over, and here's exactly what you see," Martinez said.

Martinez said he came home from court to find Kiwi, a stray the family took in, lying stiff near the back fence.

Martinez was in court in the first place dealing with a restraining against his neighbor, who two weeks ago admitted trying to strangle their last cat, Boo, who was found hanging on a fence.

"I tried to asphyxiate the cat and I couldn't pull through with it. I tried to asphyxiate the cat with a rope," Martinez said.

Police then arrested Martinez's neighbor, who spoke with Local 10 News after bonding out of jail. Edward Rodriguez-Monteagudo claims the cat ran off after he tied a rope around its neck, but police said he mutilated the animal before leaving it on the fence for the family to see.

"I thought it was a stray," Rodriguez-Monteagudo said. "It had no collar."

Their attorney is asking for leniency for what she calls the kid, but the kid is a 20-year-old man.

This second cat case is still under investigation. Police don't know how this cat died yet.

The restraining order was extended Wednesday.

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