Man attempts to buy Cadillac with fake ID, credit card, police say

A man was arrested at Vera Cadillac in Pembroke Pines after allegedly trying to buy a pricey SUV with a fake ID and a stolen credit card.

Salespeople said the suspect walked in like a regular customer, wanting to buy a gleaming black Cadillac Escalade worth almost $100,000.

But they noticed he was in a hurry.

"He needed 10 minutes and needed to get out," Danielle Henjum, an employee at Vera Cadillac, said.

Pembroke Pines police said the thief has done this before at other dealerships, and that this was an ongoing investigation.

Employees said they were tipped off by sister dealership Williamson Cadillac that a ring of people has been trying to buy vehicles with fake information.

"Williamson forwarded us photos of the gentleman, so we knew what he looked like prior to (this incident), and then once the situation began to unfold, it was just too similar," salesman Jorge Ovalles said.

After the thief attempted to pull off the buy, Pembroke Pines police arrested him on site at the dealership.

The suspect’s identity has not been released.

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