A letter to my fellow Republicans

COMMENTARY: Fellow Republicans, I humbly begin this correspondence from a battle bunker deep in the soul of a county party chair. This bunker is dark. A single light hangs overhead and shines down on the party battalions that have been messily drawn, erased, and redrawn on a large piece of paper.

Roman Jimenez

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Roman Jimenez

The large map ironically is tattered and torn in places, but it is our best map to future successes and a reminder of the past battles won and lost. It is clearly evident that a larger space of dark institutionalism continues its tangible, evolving destruction of this map, similar to the slow burning of a thick paper.

I have found the refuge of this bunker to be a quiet solace to the loud, exciting and prestigious parties that were once held to stroke the egos of the political elites. In these parties, we spoke about things like liberty, freedom, opportunity and equality. We gave flashy speeches and we tossed out crumbs to the workers and we lectured the less politically intelligent.

In each case, every wise politician spoke to the messes that needed to be fixed, and the morally exclusive didn’t have time for discussions about compromise and teamwork.

It was in those happy times of peace and ego that we drank, ate and compared flashy wardrobes. We devised strategies, and then expected battlefield warriors to carry out the plans without resources or manpower. I’ve taken off my jacket where the tile of “chairman” is exclusively emblazoned with embroidered gold thread on the chest area near my heart. It now lays off on an old metal chair where my Battle Buddy sometimes comes to sit and visit with me. The jacket is so hot and uncomfortable, it restricts my thinking with its distracting and abrasive fabric.

I come to you all now, a battle-ready warrior not restricted by titles and politics. I come to you with one battle cry as I scream out now in this bunker. The cry is for unity!

We have been described as the “institution,” but we fight every day against the real and evil institution of liberalism. The same institution that controls our government, our schools, our media, our work places, and even some of our churches. The very same one that blocks roads, shouts down free speech, tells us how to think, and creates robots out of vulnerable minority groups for their own prestige.

These rich hippies that move in to our state from lands far away are slowing taking over the electoral process and have created a battlefield that is nearly extinct of conservative soldiers. They scream for justice, yet they own every political institution in our county.

I’ve found the hill that I’m ready to fight and die on. I’ve found the road to the mountain top where a great Republican named Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. described seeing the light — the same light that is with me in this stuffy bunker. Not hanging from the roof, but the one that visits and sits in the chair with me to talk about my heart.

I’m asking each of you to find that place deep down where a burning to be a part of the good fight against the evil of this world exists — the evil that uses propaganda to pollute the free minds of the vulnerable and weak.

Roman Jimenez is chairman of the Doña Ana County Republican Party.

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