Wings for Life World Race runners take off in Sunrise

The runners in this year's Wings for Life World Run took off Sunday morning in Sunrise for the annual event.

Every dollar raised in the unique race goes toward research for spinal cord injuries.

Here’s how the race works, across the world racers start running at the same moment, 11 a.m. UTC. And unlike other races, there is no finish line in this one. Instead, the "finish line," which is a vehicle, catches up with runners during the race.

"We’re trying to find a cure so one day those of us who are in chairs can run beside everyone else, " Jessika Kattah said.

Kattah completed five miles of the race.

"Five miles with the help of my team," she said. "Once I got tired they came and helped."

Hundreds attended the run in Sunrise, and Kattah said she was happy to see a large turnout.

"It was incredible to see everyone coming out for spinal cord injury because a spinal cord injury could happen to anybody, to any of us who are here," Kattah. "We need to find a cure and all these people are here for that. "

In the past three years, racers in have raised $60 million worldwide for spinal cord injury research. 

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