Leonard Crow Dog Hospitalized: Long Walkers Pay Him a Visit

Leonard Crow Dog is surrounded by his wife, Joanne and long walkers Arthur Jacobs

Published May 6, 2017

RAPID CITY, SOUTH DAKOTA – When long walkers from the Longest Walk 5.2 heard Chief Leonard Crow Dog was in a hospital in Rapid City, South Dakota, three members of the walk made a trip from the Kickapoo Tribe of Kansas up to see him.

With Julian Rodriguez Jr. at the wheel (and with blessings from Longest Walk 5.2  Chief Dennis Banks) Arthur, Ginamarie and Julian headed for the hospital.

“I felt like the backbone of the mission transporting delegates safely to visit with the chief,” said Rodriquez.

Crow Dog, 74, is a well-respected spiritual leader, who provided teachings to members of the American Indian Movement prior to the 71-day takeover of Wounded Knee in 1973. During the takeover, Crow Dog provided spiritual guidance to the American Indian Movement leaders. He was jailed for over two years because of his involvement at Wounded Knee.


Julian Rodriguez Jr.

Julian Rodriguez Jr.

Crow Dog will be released from the hospital on Monday. The long walkers reported he is in good spirits. His wife, Joanne, is at his side assisting the nurses as he continues to heal.

After giving Chief Crow Dog a blanket and a bundle, the long walkers http://longestwalk.us got supplies and headed to the Potawatomi Tribe in Kansas.

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