Good Samaritan, microchip, luck help missing dog reunite with owner

A microchip and a good Samaritan are credited with helping reunite a missing dog with its owner.

Daisy, the dog, had been missing since Valentine's Day. 

That's when Lynn Wainman returned to her Hollywood home to find the place had been ransacked. She said her jewelry was gone but her main concern was her dog, Daisy.

Wainman said she adopted Daisy from the shelter more than seven years ago and added the dog needed her medication to treat a severe skin condition among other things.

Months later, a good Samaritan said she saw the dog on the street in North Miami Beach and began the search for its owner using the dog's microchip, which still had the previous owner's information on it.

The good Samaritan didn't give up though and managed to track down Wainman's phone number.

On Wednesday the reunion happened. 

"I feel very excited because she's back home and I know she's going to be around people who love her and who are going to care about her," Joceline Paria, the good Samaritan, said. 

The dog was in need of medication and treatment. The vet had to shave her down. 

The residential burglary is still under investigation but Wainman is just thrilled her pup has been found. 

"It's refreshing to know that there are wonderful people out there that take care of animals and that are good and caring instead of hearing all the terrible stories about the animal abuse so I so appreciate her taking such good care of my dog," she said. 

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