Disturbing Video Shows Officer’s Violent Apprehension Of Compliant Minor

Que’Chawn Wade

Churchill, PA — There’s probably no better example of why the government needs to get out of the business of education than the following ongoing story taking place at Pittsburgh’s Woodland Hills High School. The school’s resource officer, from the Churchill Police Department, was caught on film assaulting a student in a physical altercation which appears to be one-sided.

Officer Steve Shaulis can be seen on video approaching Que’Chawn Wade, 14, who was seated quietly it seems, holding only his folder and a writing utensil. Shaulis takes Wade by the wrist, puts him in an armbar, reverses his arm behind his back and then applies a choke hold.

Possibly aware of the camera’s existence, Shaulis then takes Wade down a darkened hallway where he then picks up the young teenager and slams him to the ground. Wade alleges the officer punched out his front tooth and provided pictures to the media. The tooth had to be surgically reattached.

Now, the officer has been reassigned pending an internal investigation. Many who’ve seen the video have already concluded their own investigation and they believe the officer should be criminally charged. And now that the FBI is investigating the incident, it’s likely Officer Shaulis will find himself in court, instead of the teenager he charged with resisting arrest, something he clearly wasn’t doing.

His attorney, Todd Hollis, made the following statement:

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