Florida Blue customers overcharged due to processing error

Florida Blue Health Insurance customers have been getting a message on their phones lately, explaining to them a billing error that has caused some to overpay for services.

Audrey Rohlehr, a Miami-Dade County resident, said  she noticed something was wrong when a $10 monthly payment failed to clear her bank.

"So I went to my bank account and I see that I am overdrawn by $32,000," Rohlehr said.

Rohlehr then noticed that Florida Blue had charged her normal $780 payment more than 40 times in just one day.

The major overdraft froze her bank account, leaving her stuck, and wondering what kind of long-term effects this could have on her finances.

"It sucked out everything from my overdraft protection, one of which is a credit card which now would appear to be maxed out and which obviously would not be available to me to use, I don't want later on, if I’m applying for something, for it to look like oh she maxes out her credit cards," Rohlehr said.

Florida Blue said in a statement that it's still unknown just how many people were affected, but they say that it stems from a payment processing issue with one of their vendors and that they're working hard to fix any issues it has caused.

The insurance company said it is has already started issuing refunds for any overpayments.

If  you think you're having a similar issue, they say to call the number on the back of your membership card or visit a Florida Blue location for help.

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