Men posing as plumbers rob woman in Pompano Beach condo

Clair Casale said she was conned Wednesday by two men  who showed up at her Pompano Beach condo posing as plumbers.

The men told her they were sent to make repairs.

"We do have issues here, so that was fine with me," Casale said.

The men gave Casale false information about plumbing, asked her to clear out her cabinets and told her to turn on all her faucets.

"They were alright except they were very hyper and it was always do this do that but they kept me very, very busy," she said.

One of the men told her he just sprayed some acid and that it would  ruin the rings on her fingers  so she should remove them and wash her hands so the chemical wouldn't harm her.

"I was stunned; I mean my rings," Casale said. "I've had them for years and sentimental value and it wasn't the money. I didn't even know what they were worth."

She put them in a cup and held it, but they worked to distract her, and eventually took them.

Someone else went through her bedroom and took more jewelry.

 After the robbers left Claire realized what happened and went to her neighbor.

"I just shouldn't have let them in," she said. 

Anyone with information about this case is asked to call Crime Stoppers at 954-493-TIPS. 

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