Bicyclist struck by vehicle in Virginia Key

A bicyclist was hit by a vehicle Thursday morning while riding in Virginia Key.

Seth Colbentz said his cycling buddy, Anthony Napoliello, was hit head-on by the vehicle while the driver made a left turn.

"She just clipped me and put me in the dirt, and unfortunately, my friend Tony had no space, so he went straight into the windshield and smashed it with his head," he said.

Colbentz said he and his friend  were off to the side of the road before the crash and that they were following the rules. 

Napoliello fractured his hip and suffered several injuries due to the impact.

"His face, his chin, his eye," Colbentz said, adding that his friend's fingers were also broken. 

The driver stopped after the crash and waited for first-responders to arrive.

Colbentz said more should be done to protect bicyclists.

He suggested putting up signs  to alert drivers and cracking down on speeding.

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