Teen’s Wendy’s tweet is third most popular of all time

A Nevada teen is now credited with having the third most popular tweet of all time after he asked Wendy's for free chicken nuggets for a year.

According to USA Today, Carter Wilkerson, 16, is on track to win free chicken nuggets for a year by garnering 2.6 million retweets as of Wednesday morning. Wilkerson's initial tweet asked how many retweets it would take to win the food, and Wendy's responded by telling the teen he'd need 18 million.

Wilkerson's tweet is third only to Ellen DeGeneres' famous Oscar tweet that earned 3.2 million retweets, and Barack Obama's "Four more years." tweet that gathered 900,000 retweets.

Wilkerson's parents are lobbying for Wendy's to donate the prize, or to consider another form of reward to give to those in need. Wilkerson says it would be nice to receive a consolation prize, and many of his followers agree.


{"url":"https://twitter.com/carterjwm/status/849813577770778624","author_name":"Carter Wilkerson","author_url":"https://twitter.com/carterjwm","html":"&#lt;blockquote class=\"twitter-tweet\"&#gt;&#lt;p lang=\"en\" dir=\"ltr\"&#gt;HELP ME PLEASE. A MAN NEEDS HIS NUGGS &#lt;a href=\"https://t.co/4SrfHmEMo3\"&#gt;pic.twitter.com/4SrfHmEMo3&#lt;/a&#gt;&#lt;/p&#gt;— Carter Wilkerson (@carterjwm) &#lt;a href=\"https://twitter.com/carterjwm/status/849813577770778624\"&#gt;April 6, 2017&#lt;/a&#gt;&#lt;/blockquote&#gt;\n&#lt;script async src=\"//platform.twitter.com/widgets.js\" charset=\"utf-8\"&#gt;&#lt;/script&#gt;","width":550,"height":null,"type":"rich","cache_age":"3153600000","provider_name":"Twitter","provider_url":"https://twitter.com","version":"1.0"}


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