UN official visits Cuba as part of investigation into human trafficking

A representative from the United Nations continued her tour of Cuba Tuesday as part of an investigation into human trafficking. 

Maria Grazia Giammarinaro is the first UN official to visit the communist island in a decade.

She'll be meeting with Cuban authorities and key people and groups to figure out what progress Cuba has made when it comes to trafficking for sexual and labor exploitation.

She'll also be looking at measures that are in place and those that are planned to prevent trafficking.

Giammarinaro will visit Havana, Matanzas and Artemisa during her trip. She expects to present preliminary findings Friday at a press conference.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is also visiting Cuba this week.

Maduro made an appearance at the ongoing Alba conference, made up of ministers representing countries like Cuba, Venezuela, Nicaragua and others.

The left-wing alliance was formed by former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez as a counter to the organization of American states.

While delivering a speech in Cuba, Maduro accused the Trump administration of being behind recent street demonstrations in Venezuela as the country's economic crisis continues to deepen.

The violence, he said, is a direct result of orders right wing extremists are getting from the U.S. State Department, aimed at destabilizing the left-wing government and forcing a change in power.


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