Mother of victim in horse accident says instructor still operating stables

A South Florida mother is outraged that the riding instructor who she said gave her child alcohol before her daughter was injured while riding her horse is still running stables.

Nearly two years after the accident that nearly killed her, Samantha Garcia still bears the scars of her injuries.

"She can't do what she wants to do. She can't really run. If she walks a long distance, she is in pain," Samantha's mother, Daisy Garcia, said.

Samantha and three other teens were at Tree Tops Park in Davie to ride horses in July 2015 under the care of riding instructor Gina Warren. 

"This is someone I trusted like a coach or teacher," Garcia said.

Davie police said Warren brought Mike's Hard Lemonade to the park and encouraged the girls to drink as long as they also drank water.

Samantha was thrown from her horse Coco when he crashed into a tree. Samantha was gravely injured. 

"Liver laceration, kidneys, she had her femur fractured, her finger and a very bad brain injury," Garcia said.

Police said Warren threw the cans in the garbage in an effort to hide them, but a county park worker called police to report that they had seen them.

Warren was arrested on four counts of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and one count of evidence tampering.

But the Garcia family said they're frustrated that Warren has not faced consequences from the arrest and continues to operate stables under a different name.

"We're just concerned that justice was not served. She hasn't been punished. She has never taken responsibility for what happened," Garcia said.

Police said Warren refused to accept responsibility, telling a detective at the Davie Police Department that all the girls "were lying because they were scared."

Warren told Local 10 News reporter Liane Morejon that she a lot to say about the matter, but referred Morejon to her attorneys.

"Most of all, it should be emphasized that Gina and her family are relieved beyond words that Sam has recovered way more quickly and fully than ever anticipated," attorney Mike Glasser said. "Her recovery has always been their overwhelming focus, primarily because Gina will always love Sam like a daughter or sister. But the story should also be placed in its proper context.

"Gina has devoted her whole life to helping children and animals. There are hundreds of young people, and their parents, who have attested to the invaluable and positive impact she has had on their lives. This was an awful horrible tragedy, and Gina from the beginning has wanted to take responsibility and make amends for her poor judgment. And even though Gina's conduct did not cause the terrible tragedy, she remains despondent that Sam was so severely injured, and relieved about her amazing recovery."

Warren is expected to attend a hearing in the case next week.

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