Navajo Nation President: “In Honoring Office Largo, We Honor the Service of All Our Officers”

President Russell Begaye joined Arizona Senator Jamescita Peshlakai when she read a Senate Proclamation honoring the service of Officer Houston James Largo on Thursday, Apr. 6.

Published April 11, 2017

PHOENIX-On Thursday, Apr. 6, President Russell Begaye stood beside Jamescita Peshlakai, Arizona Senator for District 7, as she read a Senate Proclamation honoring the life of fallen Navajo Police Officer Houston James Largo.

“It was an honor to stand on the Senate floor with Senator Peshlakai as she read the proclamation and as it was received by members of the Arizona Senate,” President Begaye said. “Officer Largo gave his life in the call of duty. For his courageous service to the Nation, we are grateful.”

Officer Largo was shot and killed in the line of duty as he was responding to a domestic violence call in Casamero Lake, N.M., on Sunday, Mar. 12.  Largo was 27 years old when his life was taken.

The Office of the President and Vice President has consistently worked to support the Division of Public Safety and the Navajo Nation Police Department in updating their safety gear and service units while also bringing aboard a police chief last year.

In honoring Officer Largo, President Begaye said that beneath every badge is a real person that has family who loves him or her.

“Behind the uniform is a real person with a big heart that wants to serve their people,” President Begaye said. “This dedication to service not only exemplifies Officer Largo but also all of our police officers across the Nation.”

Along with Senator Peshlakai, President Begaye was also joined by Council Delegate Otto Tso, who is a member the Law and Order Committee, Division of Public Safety Director Jesse Delmar and family members of Officer Largo.

Delegate Tso supported the State’s acknowledgement of the fallen Navajo officer.

“The state recognized that our police officers are very important throughout our nation. We need to continue to pray for their protection,” Delegate Tso said. “Our officers are vital resources to the Navajo Nation and need to be in a good state of mind when they are protecting our people.”

President Begaye said he was glad to see Officer Largo’s family included to be a part of the Senate’s proclamation.

“I want to say thank you to the State of Arizona and to the elected body for honoring one of our fallen police officers.  For your recognition of his service and the vital role our police officers have in the protection and development of our nation, we are grateful.”

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