Delta travelers wait out delays, canceled flights at airports

Dozens of passengers were stuck Sunday in the Delta terminal at Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport. 

The airline says that last week's storms in the Southeast caused Delta to nearly implement a ground stop in Atlanta, which is Delta’s largest hub. 

Several factors aggravated the air-travel headaches.

Spring breakers packing planes compounded an already difficult situation, making it hard for delayed travelers to find available seats and causing a pileup in airports and telephone queues. Pilots and cabin crews who fly under tightly regulated work schedules found themselves unable to operate flights in many cases, even when planes were back in position.

"I've never seen an airport this busy and I've flown a lot so this was kind of crazy today," Kelly Melson, who is traveling from Haiti, said."So we booked our flights so we would have a five-hour layover so we would have plenty of time to get our connecting flight but it took us five hours just to get to the check in kiosk." 

Dr. Stanley Kalish, who is traveling to Amsterdam, has been delayed since Thursday.

He said his flight here was canceled four times before he finally got on a plane, and while he understands the weather was out of the airline's control, he felt Delta could have done a lot more to make the situation go smoother.

"They should have some contingency plan to deal with these catastrophes.  There were thousands of people sleeping in the airport. They didn’t even have rooms in the Atlanta vicinity to put people up for the night. It's really sad," Kalish said. 

By Sunday night, the airline tweeted that there were no additional delays reported in Fort Lauderdale. 

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