What prompted Assad to use sarin gas?

The Hebrew version of this article was published several hours before the United States attacked the Syrian airport near the city of Homs with Tomahawk cruise missiles. This was President Donald Trump's response to Bashar al-Assad's use of deadly sarin gas. Though the response is clearly a message of deterrence, the fate of the Syrian people is not Trump's only concern; he also wants to demonstrate the contrast between himself and his predecessor Barack Obama. It is also his desire to shrug off the cloud of suspicion that has haunted him since taking office, namely the FBI investigation into his team's collusion with Russian president Vladimir Putin. It is important to define who is responsible for the overall tragedy in Syria, and especially to address the impact of Trump’s policy as it stood [i]before[/i] the images of horror from Idlib began flooding TV screens, newspapers and the social networks.

This BBSNews article was syndicated from RSS-Update: Challenge - A Magazine covering the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and written by Yacov Ben Efrat. Read the original article here.