Man burned lives to give you advise: Don’t sleep by your charging iPhone

Wiley Day was treated for second and third-degree burns on his neck and hands, after he said he was nearly electrocuted. He blames it on his decision to sleep with his iPhone, while it was charging in his bed. 

Day said the dog tag he was wearing around his neck became the conductor, when it slipped between the charger and his extension cord.

The electric shock was so strong, he said, it jolted him to the floor of his home in Huntsville, Alabama. He felt pressure around his neck and then he said his body was numb. 

"I just thought that's how you die," Day said.

Day said he later learned he was able break the chain from his neck. He said he was sharing his story, because he wants people to avoid the dangerous habit of sleeping with their phone, while it is connected to the charger.

"He is lucky to be alive," Dr. Benjamin Fail said. "Electrocution kills."

Local 10 News' partners ABC News and CNN contributed to this story. 

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