19-year-old man tries to kill friend ‘to make a sacrifice’ in Boynton Beach, detectives say

Ashley Hall said she didn't expect Benito "Phil" Crisanto to try to kill her. She told police officers that when her friend was stabbing her with a knife, he said, "I have to make a sacrifice."

She survived the bizarre Tuesday attack, but Crisanto escaped. On Saturday, Boynton Beach police officers arrested the 19-year-old accused attacker at a McDonald's Restaurant at 1799 N. Congress Ave. He was wearing a "Catch Us If You Can" T-shirt. 

Hall, 30, said Crisanto had been to the apartment she shares with her boyfriend at the Advenir at La Costa community in Boynton Beach many times before the attack, according to the detectives' report. 

Her boyfriend, Raymond Rash, told police officers that he met him at the neighborhood pool about two years ago. They considered him a friend, so when Crisanto sent Hall a text message saying that he wanted to say good bye, because he was moving to New York, the two were expecting his visit. 

Rash said he had his headphones on when he saw Crisanto standing inside their apartment. He was allegedly holding a revolver. Rash said he instinctively ran to the bedroom to seek cover, but Crisanto stuck his hand before he closed the door and forced it open. 

Rash said he grabbed a hold of the gun. The two fell to the ground and wrestled until Rash said he took the gun away from him and ran out of the apartment to get help. He didn't know Crisanto also had a knife.  

Nicholas Hoppock was walking his dog when he saw Rash shouting for help. Hoppock called 911 and Rash talked to the emergency dispatcher. Rash then gave Hoppock the revolver and said he had to go back for Hall. 

When Rash left, Crisanto stabbed Hall several times. She said she grabbed Crisanto's testicles and tried to persuade him to take their cash savings and leave. She handed him about $3,200 in cash that they were keeping in a nightstand drawer. 

Rash said that when he returned Crisanto was holding a knife to her throat. He let her go and fled with the cash. Hall collapsed. 
Fire Rescue took Hall to Delray Medical Center, where she recovered from the stab wounds. Crisanto faces charges of attempted murder, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and robbery with a deadly weapon. 

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