Orlando man accused of setting car on fire to collect insurance money

An Orlando man is accused of paying someone to steal his car and set it on fire so he could collect the insurance money, according to the state fire marshal.

Michael Abrams, 42, was recently arrested in connection with the December 2016 incident.

The Florida Department of Financial Services said Abrams paid a man $300 to take his 2016 Toyota Camry and destroy it. Once the car was gone, Abrams reported it stolen and filed a $10,000 insurance claim, according to a news release.

Orange County Fire Rescue was called to the scene of the burning car and, with the assistance of the state fire marshal's office, they determined it was an arson, officials said.

Abrams confessed to his role in the scheme, according to a news release.

"More often than not, acts of arson are committed in order to collect insurance payouts or to cover up a larger crime," Chief Financial Officer Jeff Atwater said. "To concoct the plan that he did is an elaborate act of fraud, one that undoubtedly drives up the cost of insurance for every Floridian. I'm proud of our investigative team for getting to the truth and putting this man behind bars where he belongs."

Abrams was recently charged with arson, insurance fraud and grand theft. If convicted, he faces up to 20 years in prison.

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