Last Iraq Veteran Who Fought Israel in 1948 Passes Away

The last Iraqi soldier to have fought against Israel in the 1948 Arab-Israeli War that saw the establishment of the State of Israel and the displacement of 700,000 Palestinians from their ancestral homes, passed away peacefully on Friday.

Haj Hussein Muhammad Al-Samarrai passed away at the age of 95 surrounded by his children and grandchildren in his ancestral hometown of Samarra, 125 kilometres north of the capital Baghdad.

Al-Samarrai was known for recounting his stories and memories from the battles he fought at the age of 24 in 1948, as a part of what he believed was a sacred struggle to defend Palestine from Jewish colonialism, and to preserve the Palestinian people on their own lands.

Al-Samarrai’s family members and loved ones told the Arabi21 news website that they were surprised by how much Palestinian media outlets took note of and marked the passing of their aged hero. The fact that Palestinians remembered Al-Samarrai’s role in defending their rights and honour lifted the spirits of the family at a difficult and painful time.

A member of his family said: “Our dearly departed never forgot, and even at an advanced age, the battles that he took part in as a soldier in the Iraqi Armed Forces. He reached Lake Tiberias but after that the Iraqi army was ordered to withdraw.”

His family said that they viewed him as an exemplar and someone whom they were deeply proud of. According to the Al-Samarrai family, he would always recount his wartime stories to his children and grandchildren, and remember with pride his time in Palestine.

Al-Samarrai had to leave his hometown recently in order to receive treatment as far away as Erbil, rather than being welcomed in the capital Baghdad, a city far closer to him, as a hero and treated there. Upon returning to Samarra, he fell into a coma before passing away.

The aged warrior’s family expressed the pain they felt at the state of affairs of their country, Iraq, and how the Iraqi military has departed from its valiant roots since the illegal US invasion in 2003. The Iraqi armed forces fought Israel in Palestine proper in 1948, and again on the Golan Front in Syria during the 1973 October War.

Al-Samarrai was a combat engineer with the Iraqi Fifth Brigade, who fought with distinction and managed to save many Palestinian lives in Jenin and elsewhere.

Iraq’s military efforts to protect Palestine have been immortalized by the presence of many graves belonging to Iraqi soldiers on Palestinian soil. These Iraqi men gave their lives so that Palestine may be free.

(MEMO, Arabi21, PC, Social Media)

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  • Baruch Hashem

    How many hundred thosand????

    Simply lies

    • It was an ethnic cleansing of well more than 750,000, nearly a million, to be repeated by the vile Zionists in 1967 of another 300,000 in yet more war and state terror to gain territory. They were never satisfied with the partition of the state of Palestine even though they were given the bigger and more arable half, seeing it as a stepping stone; as statehood for Israel would make it easier to gain all of Palestine and on into Jordan. (And Lebanon, and Egypt and Syria where Israel is already running yet another illegal occupation of someone else’s country.)

      None of this is news. The Apartheid state of Israel has brought the world Middle East terrorism, and the Irgun and Lehi were committing far more heinous and far more often terrorist acts in the lead up to the British leaving Palestine in disgust, especially after the Two Sergeants murderous affair. The IED’s, the use of children as bombers, the hiding of arms caches in kindergartens, the terrorist bombings of civilians, the bombings of the roads leading up to that bombing to get the first-responders, the packing of nails and rivets into gelignite to blow up in crowded markets to maximize the deaths among women and children, the time coordinated bombings; people seem to forget that Menachem Begin was the Osama Bin Laden of 1946.

      The Irgun and Lehi set the stage for today’s terror. They perfected it and passed it on even as the Arab Palestinian side tried peace overture after peace overture. The Zionists would have none of it. Even kidnapping Jewish children from parents who had taken them in during the troubles and following war in Europe in the middle of the last century. Taking them to Palestine to be given to other parents. Wrenching them away from homes to provide ‘facts-on-the-ground’ fodder for the new so-called Jewish state, a state destined to be built upon blood drops; a racialist state, a morphing of the religion of Judaism into a race that is to be beyond question no matter what heinous acts they commit against innocent indigenous Palestinian women and children in the name of the Jews. It is disgusting and sad for all those real Jews who do not support Apartheid and ethnic cleansing done in their names.

      The constant misuse of the Shoah for the purpose of furthering the illegal occupation of Palestine must stop. It is a horrible thing.

      See also UNGAR 194. Those ethnically cleansed have the right to go back to their homes. The state of Israel has committed some of the longest running crimes against humanity in modern history, and done it all in daylight right in front of everyone. Ethnic cleansing has been the hallmark of the so-called Jewish state and it is a growing stain on ethical Judaism.