A robust Fourth Estate

COMMENTARY: There’s not a person reading this post who will always agree with my decisions or positions as NMPolitics.net’s editor and publisher. That’s the point. Good journalists stand apart. We don’t have a team. We’re willing to critique anyone or anything, and we’ll take criticism from others as well.

Heath Haussamen

Heath Haussamen

A robust Fourth Estate is critical to the health of our society. Given the ongoing national conversation about the news media, I wanted to share our focus and values at NMPolitics.net – and what you’re helping fund when you make a donation:

• We keep an eye on government, politicians, and others with power and influence by digging deep, asking tough questions, reporting facts, and publishing hard-hitting commentaries.

• We consistently fight for transparency from those who are involved in or attempting to influence government – whether that means taking on Democrats, Republicans, or anyone else, including the media.

• We reject he-said, she-said reporting and challenge deception and spin. We believe in telling truth – which sometimes means reporting the complexities of an issue, and other times means taking a stand.

• We reject the status quo. Our state is near the bottom off too many of the important lists. We’re not afraid to express outrage, demand change, and hope for improvement.

• We focus on people and their stories, be they Democratic or Republican politicians or regular citizens. We aim to be on the ground in communities and in touch with the pulse of New Mexico so we can help people better understand each other. Toward that end, we also work diligently to facilitate respectful, bridge-building conversations.

• We don’t just focus on exposing problems. We also aim to help find solutions.

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My promise to you is that NMPolitics.net will remain committed to ethical, transparent, nonpartisan, thoughtful and aggressive journalism – which has always been necessary for the health of our society, but these days is absolutely critical. You won’t always like what we publish, but you’ll always need us keeping an eye on things.

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¡Mil gracias!

Heath Haussamen is NMPolitics.net’s editor and publisher.

This BBSNews article was syndicated from NMPolitics.net, and written by Heath Haussamen, NMPolitics.net. Read the original article here.