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The Morton County Sheriff and the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) have created a warzone at Standing Rock. They have militarized the police and activated the North Dakota National Guard. They have subjected our veterans to psychological warfare by flying airplanes and helicopters non-stop, day and night, as well as using flood lights in an effort to cause sleep depravation, this is torture. The United Nations condemns sleep depravation. These actions are causing our Veterans anxiety and PTSD. George, a US Army Combat Veteran was asked, How do the helicopters make you feel? He replied, “Anxiety too much noise, anxiety, they should just leave people alone, so that they can go about their lives, pray as they need to, do what needs to be done.” It was truly heart-wrenching to watch him suffer as the helicopter kept circling overhead. In spite of being tortured for months by DAPL and The Morton County Sheriff, the Veterans at Standing Rock have remained in prayer, and peaceful at all times.

The militarization of the Morton County Sheriff has resulted in injuries to our Native American Veterans at Standing Rock. Our Veterans are front line defenders, they can be seen propelling their bodies between the baton wielding police, and a water protector exercising their constitutional rights, willfully taking the blows that were meant for someone else, that is the definition of a hero. They have been maced, struck with batons, pepper sprayed, hit with non-lethal projectiles at a lethal range, they were sprayed with water in 28 degree weather, resulting in hypothermia. As if that wasn’t enough they have been jailed, and held in dog kennels while in custody, simply for exercising their constitutional rights.

These veterans have faced war overseas and now they are being subjected to war stateside. Many of their comrades are en route to Standing Rock to provide support to their brothers and sisters. Air Force Veteran L Frank Manriquez, a resident of Santa Rosa, CA is among the 2,000 veterans expected to arrive at Standing Rock on December fourth. She said, “I am a vet whose time has come to stand, to face the enemies of clean water. I’ve been now twice out to standing rock as a civilian, next week I go back as a warrior, because we swore on oath to protect people from its foreign, and domestic enemies.”

The convoy of Veterans for Standing Rock was organized by Michael A Wood Jr. and Wes Clark Jr. The Veterans will form a human shield to provide protection to the water protectors and the Standing Rock Veterans. They have stated that they will take direction from the Standing Rock Sioux, and their actions will be non-violent as requested by the Sioux.

We have been in contact with the office of Congressman Jared Huffman, as many of his constituents including L Frank Manriquez are at Standing Rock. He has been working with Congressman Raúl M. Grijalva to ensure that the constitutional rights of their constituents are upheld, they are true leaders in a dark time in history. They sent a letter to President Obama, requesting an immediate meeting with the White House, and Department of Justice officials, they await a response.

We demand a Department of Justice Investigation, An investigation is warranted given the egregious civil, human, and legal rights violations that have occurred at Standing Rock. These constitutional violations cannot be allowed to continue! It is time for Justice to prevail.

Native Americans have contributed significantly to this great nation. They have served in the U.S. Military in greater numbers than any other ethnic group. The Navajo Code Talkers were instrumental in World War II, for which they received a Congressional Gold Medal. DAPL and the State of North Dakota should be showing our veterans the respect that they are due for their many contributions to the Armed Forces of the United States of America!

As a child, and throughout my life I watched my uncle suffer from severe PTSD as a result of his service to this country, he was a Marine, Semper Fi (Always faithful) I honor his great sacrifice. I will not sit by as you torture our vets, I will fight for them as I HONOR, RESPECT, AND DEFEND MY VETERANS.!

By: Patricia Montes Gregory

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