Newest poll has Clinton leading Trump by 2 points in New Mexico

Hillary Clinton

Gage Skidmore / Creative Commons

Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton (photo cc info)

On the eve of Election Day, a new poll finds Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton leading Republican Donald Trump by 2 points in New Mexico.

Clinton led 46 percent to 44 percent in the Sunday survey of 8,439 likely voters in New Mexico, which was conducted by ZiaPoll. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson was at 6 percent, Green candidate Jill Stein was at 1 percent, and 2 percent said they supported another candidate. Less than 1 percent of those surveyed said they were undecided.

The poll comes days after another survey had Clinton leading Trump 45 percent to 40 percent. That poll was conducted Nov. 1-3 for the Albuquerque Journal by Research & Polling Inc. Johnson was at 11 percent in that poll.

And ZiaPoll released another survey last Friday, which was conducted Nov. 1 and 2, that had Clinton leading Trump by 3 points, 46 percent to 43 percent, with Johnson at 7 percent.

The newest ZiaPoll survey has a margin of error of plus or minus 1.8 percentage points. “Trump’s deficit is within the margin of error of a statistical tie,” the polling memo states.

Clinton led among female and Hispanic and Latino voters, but Trump led Clinton by 5 points in the crossover vote — meaning 5 percent more Democrats said they were voting for Trump than Republicans said they were voting for Clinton.

Here’s more about the poll’s methodology, from ZiaPoll’s memo:

“The scientific study was conducted statewide on Sunday November 6th with 8,439 likely New Mexico voters selected at random statewide using in-house IVR (Interactive Voice Response) technology for interviews with voters via landline telephones. All calls to landlines were made on auto dialers owned and managed by ZiaPoll. Cell phones made up 5 percent of the total sample. Cell phones were contacted and requested to volunteer participation in the same IVR survey. The sample was weighted by age, political party, sex, congressional district, and ethnicity. The data was weighted using a layered technique. The sample reflects the traditional demographical profile of New Mexico likely voters. The November 6th study has a Margin of Error (MoE) of ± 1.8 percent. This poll conforms to the Standards of Disclosure of the National Council on Public Polls.”

Meanwhile, the website currently gives Clinton an 80.6 percent chance of winning New Mexico’s five electoral votes on Tuesday.

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