Leaving Barona, California for Standing Rock, North Dakota


Barona, California-Bobby Wallace is leading a resupply and support caravan to Standing Rock. The trip was spear headed by the Viejas Band of Kumeyaay Indians . The water protectors left at sunrise and will be driving well beyond sunset. The drivers drive in shifts on this journey stopping at different reservations and cities picking up supplies along the way.

This trip is a peaceful demonstration of the wide support for the Standing Rock Sioux and the movement to protect the resources on which we all depend. The caravan is drawing on donations from many tribes*, and non tribal supporters throughout the region.

Cornelius Iron Cloud of The Standing Rock Tribe of the Lakota Sioux joined the caravan in Arizona said “he is looking forward to supporting his people and reaffirming the water rights treaties signed by my father (Chief Thomas Iron Cloud) and others.


Lindsey Tarr and Tina Walsh



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