Between Guernica and Aleppo

For more than a week, Syrian and Russian aircraft have bombarded and terrorized the city of Aleppo, killing men, women and children. Assad ordered an aerial and infantry assault to win the war. Ground troops composed of Iraqi militiamen, the Iranian Revolutionary Guards, Hezbollah, Assad's militias, and Russian elite units besieged the city. In the last week, more than 200 people died in Aleppo, and over 2000 were injured. They are being treated by 30 doctors who chose to stay in the city. Hospitals, water pumps and rescue centers were mercilessly bombed by bunker busters and barrel bombs to bring about the final surrender of the city's 250,000 residents. Led by Assad, who championed the slogan "Assad, or the country burns", the war now has claimed half a million dead.

This BBSNews article was syndicated from RSS-Update: Challenge - A Magazine covering the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and written by Yacov Ben Efrat. Read the original article here.

This BBSNews article originally appeared on RSS-Update: Challenge - A Magazine covering the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict.