Fox News Reporter Kicked Off Streets At DNC

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Fox News correspondent Jesse Watters was shouted off the streets by the crowd at the “DNC Resistance March Against Police Terrorism and State Repression” Tuesday as he was attempting to conduct interviews with protesters.

Watters is known for his Fox segment “Watter’s World” in which he interviews people on the street. He did not have much success during this march, however, which was being held to protest police violence. Greeted by shouts of “Fuck Fox News” and “Fox is KKK,” Watters and his camera person were quickly surrounded by the crowd on the fringes of the march. Protesters heckled and jeered Watters, placing flags and scarves over-top of the camera to prevent filming.

See the video here:

A bottle of water was poured onto the visibly annoyed camera operator, while Watters seemed nervous but attempted to take the situation in stride, waving to the crowd and shaking his head. Philadelphia police officers, who were also filming the event, quickly arrived and escorted Watters and his camera person off the scene. As they were doing so, one local shouted “Hey Jesse, I know you! Welcome to Philly, dickhead!” which is, in all honesty, a fairly polite greeting for Philadelphia.

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