Experiment Derails Nationalism By Informing People Of Their Heritage

Credit: Momondo

Credit: Momondo

Nationalism, it might be argued, is to blame for ending many civilizations. Not only has the ideology dismantled democracy and destroyed capitalism, it has spread sheep-like thought and stupidity around the world, inspiring members of the same species to attack and slaughter each other out of jealousy and fear.

Imagine, then, how abruptly one’s entire world view might change when they discover that the people they thought they hated are actually their ancestors?

In a brilliant social experiment presented by the company Momondo, exactly this happens.

People are asked about their nationalities, their family’s heritage, and their allegiance to a certain country. After expressing which nations they’re not fans of and going into great detail to describe their ancestors’ achievements, they are then presented with mind-blowing results from personal DNA tests.

As Minds reports, Momondo has presented the possibility of finding out your lineage to the entire world (if one is from one of the countries that allow the DNA testing). At present, the company is offering the DNA testing as a contest, encouraging people to submit themselves via video to receive a DNA kit. You can learn more here.

The takeaway from this moving video is the realization that we are all one people. Our ancestors traveled around the world, and that’s about all there is to it.

Aurelie, one of the participants who learned about her genetic past, spoke for most when she stated:

“There would be no such thing as extremism if people knew their heritage.”

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