Protests Sweep US After Dallas Shooting

Thousands have taken to the streets across the United States on Friday. Protests have been recorded in Atlanta, Baltimore and St. Louis, as well as Baton Rouge, Nashville, and Philadelphia,

Thousands have taken to the streets across the United States on Friday. Protests have been recorded in Atlanta, Baltimore and St. Louis, as well as Baton Rouge, Nashville, and Philadelphia, according to various social media posts.

Authorities have reported that the rallies are largely peaceful and organizers are working with police. Baltimore is an exception, where five protesters were said to have been arrested in the downtown area. The five were reportedly detained after refusing to leave the street following a demand by law enforcement, according to local TV channel WBAL.

It has also been reported that Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump cancelled a rally in Chicago due to protests sweeping the country, according to

Peoples Powers Assembly, organizers of the Baltimore rally, stated that they are marching in solidarity with the lives of Alton Sterling, Anthony Anderson Jr., Tyrone West and Freddie Gray, all killed by police officers.

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