Here’s How Senate Committee on Indian Affairs Members Voted on No Guns to Suspected Terrorists


assault weaponsPublished June 21, 2016

WASHINGTON— The U.S. Senate voted down four measures that would have put control on guns in the United States. The four measures came just over a week since the Orlando shooting that killed 49 people in a deadly massacre.

Partisan politics, along with strong influence by the National Rifle Association (NRA), played into the senators’ votes on Monday.

Here is how your Senate Committee on Indian Affairs members voted on the bill to authorize the Attorney General to deny requests to transfer a firearm to known or suspected terrorists:

Senator                                                      Vote


John Barrasso, Chairman (WY)                 Nay

John McCain, Member (AZ)                      Nay

Lisa Murkowski, Member (AK)                 Nay

John Hoeven, Member (ND)                     Nay

James Lankford, Member (OK)                Nay

Steve Daines, Member (MT)                    Nay

Michael Crapo, Member (ID)                   Nay

Jerry Moran, Member (KS)                       Nay


Jon Tester, Vice Chairman (MT)               Yea

Maria Cantwell, Member (WA)                 Yea

Tom Udall, Member (NM)                         Yea

Al Franken, Member (MN)                        Yea

Brian Schatz, Member (HI)                        Yea

Heidi Heitkamp, Member (ND)                 Nay

The other three bills were voted on Monday were voted down along partisan lines. Senator Heitkamp, while a Democrat, voted with the Republicans on all four bills proposed.

The defeat of the four measures means there will be no gun control reforms in all probability until the next Congress because members don’t want to vote on such sensitive issues during election years.

The votes were similar to the votes that were cast in the weeks after the Sandy Hook shooting when the Senate could not vote for more restrictive gun control in the country.

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