Italian Chefs Teach Palestinian Counterparts in Gaza how to Make Pizza

Domenico Maurizio Loi, an Italian Pizza chef arrived in the Gaza Strip on May 31, at the invitation of local restaurants, to give Palestinian chefs training on how to make original Italian pizza, according to the Palestinian Press Agency, Safa.

The trip was organized by the Italian Center for Cultural Exchange, VIK, in Gaza, named after the late Italian peace activist, Vittorio Arrigoni.

“I came to Gaza because I believe that Pizza has a global popularity which helps exchange cultures of different people,’ said Maurizio Loi. He added, “We understand the situation in Gaza and we hope that all these restrictions and checkpoints which hinder development are removed”.

Pizza is a main dish at dozens of restaurants in Gaza city, which has been under tight Israeli siege for 10 years.

Palestinian chef, Talal Matar, believes that Israeli restrictions and siege make it difficult for Palestinian chefs to travel to gain more experience.

Maria Rita Pirastu, an Italian activist who came with the delegation said, “We came here under the umbrella of the Union of Italian Chefs, but we also want to deliver the message of Gaza to the world”.



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