Celebrating one year since NMPolitics.net relaunched

A year ago today, NMPolitics.net relaunched with an article exploring how political labels don’t tell the whole story. That set a tone for a news organization that aims to dig deeper than superficial narratives and do journalism that fosters conversation and builds community.

Heath Haussamen

Heath Haussamen

We’ve had an amazing first year back! We’ve won awards for reporting, commentary writing, and the strength of our website. Our articles have been featured repeatedly on the Google News homepage. Traffic to our website has been at its highest levels ever. We’ve engaged people from across New Mexico in thoughtful, bridge-building and informative conversations about political and government issues.

We’ve been working to watchdog government agencies and officials including the governor, the state auditor, and the U.S. Border Patrol. We’ve tried to bring you thoughtful coverage of the presidential race while also devoting resources to exploring issues in local and state races that are getting little attention elsewhere – like digging through the mud in the Democratic primary race for Doña Ana County district attorney and asking legislative candidates to answer questions about structural reform.

Our Q&A series with people involved in New Mexico politics and government – which pushes politicos to answer deep questions in meaningful ways – has also been popular.

And on Tuesday we brought a lawsuit against the City of Las Cruces to enforce the state’s Inspection of Public Records Act. We believe transparency is critical to making government more accessible and increasing civic engagement.

NMPolitics.net operates on a shoestring budget and still struggles to pay the bills every month. We welcome your financial contributions to help support our work (you can donate here). But today, I simply wanted to say thank you for being part of the NMPolitics.net community and helping make our first year back a success!

This BBSNews article was syndicated from NMPolitics.net, and written by Heath Haussamen, NMPolitics.net. Read the original article here.