Artist Ai Weiwei in Gaza to Film Refugee Crisis

By Palestine Chronicle staff

Ai Weiwei, controversial and dissident Chinese artist and activist is in Gaza to film a documentary based on the suffering of refugees in the Middle East

Weiwei crossed into Gaza through Israel with a crew of 10 people.

Ai aims to include Palestinian refugees in his documentary stating that they constitute “the longest history” of displacement.

The number of Palestinians who were displaced during the 1948 war around which Israel was established, and the descendants, is estimated at over five million people, according to the United Nations.

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“The Palestinian refugees really play a very important factor in the whole refugee situation,” Ai told The Associated Press. With such a big population, he said it is “not easy” to find a solution.

“The condition here is unbelievable,” Ai said as his crew filmed Palestinians trying to leave Gaza through Egypt. “Gaza is really suffering from this isolation and blockade from all over,” he said.

Ai’s first visit to Gaza coincides with the 68th anniversary of the ‘Nakba’ or catastrophe.

The documentary should be complete by the end of 2016.



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