Important Request from Ramzy Baroud: For over 15 Years, We Kept on Going. But Without Your Help, The Palestine Chronicle Will Come to a Halt

Dear Friends and Readers,

As most of you know, the Palestine Chronicle has tirelessly and, in many cases, desperately, attempted to maintain a focus on PALESTINE, especially as much of the media is shamelessly trying to marginalize Palestine and its people.

However, this form of extremely important and necessary media coverage requires the help of you in order to continue running.

Every six months we resort to you for help. This is an earnest appeal for you to assist us in remaining afloat and able to bring you braking news and information on Palestine and Palestinians.

Friends, we are financially struggling, despite our continued popularity and our constant attempts at improvement and expansion. In some way we take pride in the fact that it is never easy for us. We have no rich backers, no major grants or funders with political agendas. We only have you, and we welcome such a wide readership. Donations towards the Palestine Chronicle range from one dollar to 500 dollars, and sometimes more.

Our team is made up of five people. However, this year we are adding a new reporter in Palestine and a sub-editor as well. We mostly volunteer our time, and only pay our staff a most symbolic amount. However, money is needed in order to take care of our costs, some of our paid content, our administrative costs (which are minimal) and to pay those who keep the Chronicle moving forward day after day.

The fact is, Palestine is only covered when there is a war, and then it is mostly forgotten. It is organizations like ours – which has no political or factional affiliation – that labors every day to keep the focus on Palestine, on the siege in Gaza, on the intifada in the West Bank and Jerusalem, on the BDS effort, on the prisoners, and more.

Needless to say, without the limited funds that you kindly provide we cannot achieve our objectives.

Therefore, we urgently appeal for your help.  We ask you to be generous in your support and continue to invest in our work so that we continue to lead our mission, until freedom and justice in Palestine are achieved, and even beyond.

At the moment, a running cost of $12,000 is required, enough to keep us going for six more months. We promise to spend it wisely, as we have for over 15 years.

Thank you for your solidarity

Ramzy Baroud –

Chief Editor

To make a contribution using your paypal account or credit card, please click HERE

Or kindly send your contribution to:

PO Box 196
Mountlake Terrace
WA, 98043

The Palestine Chronicle is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization. All donations are tax deductible.

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