Participate in’s presidential straw poll

The White House

Tom Lohdan

The White House (photo cc info)

New Mexico’s June 7 Democratic and Republican presidential primaries are rapidly approaching. Hillary Clinton is setting up shop here. John Kasich and Ted Cruz have declared an alliance that may or may not hold up.

There’s been little polling of the New Mexico contests made public — just Albuquerque Journal surveys of the Democratic and Republican contests that are two months old — so we’ve decided to run a very short straw poll. Not because it’s scientific in any way. It’s not. But just to see what results we get. For fun!

It should take you less than a minute to fill out. Take the straw poll here.

Then share this post so we get as many responses as possible!

Voting closes at 11:59 p.m. on Wednesday. We’ll share the results with you late next week!

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