Noam Chomsky: Refugee Crisis A Result Of ‘US & British Invasion Of Iraq’

In this video MIT professor, anarchist, political philosopher and renowned linguist, Noam Chomsky, discusses the impacts of German arms and weapons exports into Saudi Arabia and Israel. He also talks about the refugee and Syrian crisis that is engulfing neighbouring states as well as the European continent.

– How does the military industrial complex of Germany affect the security of the populations of the countries in the Arab world?

– Do military and arms exports promote stability in the region?

– What are the roots of the refugee crisis that the European Union as well as neighbouring countries to Syria and Iraq are facing?

All of these questions and more are addressed in the video below:

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Noteable excerpts from the video:

Noam Chomsky on Germany’s weapons exports to Israel:

I think they [German weapons exports] harm the security of the population. Take the submarines. These dolphin class submarines that Germany is providing to Israel are instantly refitted in Israel to have nuclear weapons capacity, and that’s not aimed at defense of Israel. Nuclear armed submarines don’t defend Israel. They are meant for attack, that’s what they are. And we know what attack they’re aimed for in the short run: an attack on Iran

Prof. Chomsky on the causes of the refugee crisis:

One of them is the US & British Invasion of Iraq which hit the country like a sledgehammer – horrible effects in the country – killed hundreds of thousands of people destroyed much of the country and among other things set-off/incited a sectarian conflict which had not existed before, and that sectarian was exacerbated by the torture and terror and other atrocities, but that crisis is now tearing Iraq to shreds and is tearing the region to shreds – expanded to Syria and elsewhere. That’s one factor.

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