Putin: I Came, I Destroyed, I Left

As with his entry into Syria, Putin's departure comes as a surprise and leaves us guessing about his intentions. Today, as in October 2015, the world looks with amazement at the all-powerful Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia, who appears to be the only one who knows how to capitalize on American weakness and restore Russia's international status. Indeed, there is a huge contrast between Putin, who sent planes to bomb Syrian cities, and Obama, who demurred about taking any action to implement his demands that Bashar al-Assad step aside. American passivity fueled Russian activism. So far, however, neither Putin nor Obama has taken steps to end the bloodshed and the terrible destruction in Syria.

This BBSNews article was syndicated from RSS-Update: Challenge - A Magazine covering the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict, and written by Yacov Ben Efrat. Read the original article here.