Jesse Ventura Releases Campaign Platform For Potential Presidential Run

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The Examiner— Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura made headlines earlier this week announcing he would run for president under one condition. If Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders fails to become the Democratic nominee, Ventura would enter the race as an independent candidate.

During an interview published by The Daily Beast last Monday, Ventura explained that he aligns closest with the Independent senator from Vermont. Explaining that if Sanders loses, the “groundwork” would be set for him to enter the race. Ventura took another step towards a potential run by releasing his campaign platform in a blog post on March 3.

In a post titled “Here’s What a Jesse Ventura Presidency Would Look Like,” the former Navy SEAL, actor, and professional wrestler broke down the core four issues he would focus on during his campaign. Ventura admitted that if he was able to accomplish even two of the four he would consider his time as commander in chief a success.

  1. Rebuilding our country: focus on alternative energy sources, and fix our infrastructure.
  2. Getting out of the wars.
  3. Legalizing and ending the war on drugs.
  4. Get the money out of politics and work towards reforming campaign financing.

Elaborating that more work needs to be done in the states, Ventura states that the country should focus less on nation building, and more on rebuilding the United States. “I’m tired of seeing our resources being used abroad,” Ventura writes, “Let the world handle their own problems. Concluding his comments, Ventura was confident that if those issues were handled, “we could fully implement all of Bernie Sanders’ propositions.”

This article originally appeared on the Examiner, written by Robert Sobel.

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