Poll: Most Americans Believe The Rest Of World Still Views The US Favorably

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WASHINGTON — The increase in perceived favorability may be related to decisions by President Barack Obama to open relations with longtime adversaries Cuba and Iran, the poll suggested. Obama’s push for a major new free trade deals, as well as his popularity abroad may also be factors.

“This is consistent with how Americans have perceived the nation’s global image for the past several years,” a press release accompanying the poll explained. “But it is a change from the last years of George W. Bush’s presidency and the first year of Barack Obama’s administration, when the majority thought the world viewed the US unfavorably.”

At the same time, poll respondents said they are largely dissatisfied with the United States’ position in the world. At present, 36 percent are satisfied and 63 percent are dissatisfied with the US standing, according to Gallup.

“Although Americans’ perceptions of the United States’ global image have been at least partially repaired since the height of the Iraq War, the public remains dissatisfied with the country’s position in the world,” the press release noted.

Gallup explained that public dissatisfaction with the US position abroad likely reflects public uncertainty stemming from a mounting number of complex international issues, including terrorism, the Syrian crisis, North Korea’s nuclear tests and rocket launches, as well as Russia and China defending their interests.

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