Please Waste Your Food, Says Argentine NGO

Food Waste

A nonprofit organization in Argentina has started to rescue unconsumed food at events, receptions and parties to feed other needing and hungry people.

The idea may not be rocket science, but leftover food at major events is usually thrown out resulting in tons of waste.

Through this new food rescue initiative, the organization Proyecto Plato Lleno (Full Plate Project) has already collected over 25,000 kilos (27.5 tons) of food, according to their website as of Feb. 15, 2016. This has gone to fill 48,000 plates in less than two years.

“1.3 billion kg of food is thrown away each day worldwide. Source: FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations)”

The two creators, Alexis Vidal, an event designer, and Paula Martino, who worked at a sustainable events agency developed the idea for the project in 2013 after noticing the waste after parties.

It now has a full team of volunteers who arrive at parties, “pack what’s been cooked but not consumed, and then they take it directly to social institutions, so it can be delivered as soon as possible or frozen to be delivered later,” the young innovators told local media La Nacion.

“We have to spread initiatives like this #TheFoodIsNotWasted”

Those concerned about hygiene or food safety need not worry. The group has a rigorous 10-step clean and collection process. The food is also generally collected at night so that it can be consumed the next morning.

The project was developed in Buenos Aires, but is now also active in cities across the country including, Mendoza, Posadas, and, the conveniently named La Plata.

“Delivery # 243. We rescued 66 Christmas boxes and dynamos at a community center in Constitution (Argentina)”

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