AAI Gender Balance Report

2016-03 AAI Gender Balance ReportAtheist Alliance International has released a report on Gender Imbalance in the atheist community, its sources, and its possible responses and solutions.
Gender imbalance in the atheist / humanist community has been noted for many years, including in AAI's own Atheist Census project. AAI has determined this gender imbalance to be a problem in our community, rooted in centuries-old patriarchal systems and promoted and defended by many of the world's religions.
In today's modernist world with recognized human rights for women as outlined in the UN's Convention on Women's Rights, AAI believes that gender imbalance, both in our own communities as well as in the general populace, is an important issue for atheists to embrace and work to overcome as part of our responsibility to our humanity.
The report has been added to AAI's Position Statements webpage and can be read there.

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