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Check out that featured article highlighted in yellow on Google News’ homepage alongside articles from the L.A. Times, NBC News and the Washington Post. That’s our story!

Google News featured our Wednesday article about New Mexico connections to the situation involving armed protesters at a national wildlife refuge in Oregon.

That meant people clicked on the story about 14,000 times, making it the second most viewed post in NMPolitics.net’s history. That’s amazing! It exposed people across the nation to the work we’re doing and drew some new folks into our online community.

Heath Haussamen

Heath Haussamen

I was able to devote time to reporting and writing that article and moderating the lengthy and sometimes heated discussion it generated because NMPolitics.net is paying to run articles from The Santa Fe New Mexican related to the current session of the New Mexico Legislature. While most political and government reporters in the state are focused on the Roundhouse, that frees me up to devote some time to other important topics, including the debate about public lands in the West.

I’m grateful for the opportunity to present The New Mexican’s edgy and analytical coverage of the session to our community for discussion. And I’ll continue doing my own hard-hitting and thoughtful reporting and commentary on what’s happening at the Roundhouse. Earlier this week, I wrote a commentary fact-checking Gov. Susana Martinez’s rhetoric related to New Mexico’s driver’s licenses and the federal REAL ID Act.

You can continue to expect unique news articles and commentaries from NMPolitics.net. By also publishing articles from The New Mexican and other quality news organizations — including ProPublica, The Center for Public Integrity and The Texas Tribune — we’re trying to create a thoughtful, safe and productive space for you to discuss local, state and national issues.

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