UPDATE: Officer Involved Shooting Carlisle and Candelaria

BBSNews 2016-01-11 — APD: Due to the ongoing Federal investigation into this incident, the following update will be fairly brief. The Albuquerque Police Department and the multi-jurisdictional investigative team, have determined that only one officer fired his weapon yesterday. That officer is a 7 year veteran of APD and this is his first officer involved shooting. Investigators were also able to recover several videos from the numerous officers on scene.

Additionally, several witnesses who observed the shooting yesterday told detectives that they observed Mr. Salazar point his firearm at our officer. One witness in particular stated that she was scared that Mr. Salazar was going to either shoot her or “car jack” her, prior to the officer shooting him.

Specifics on the case; number of rounds fired, if Mr. Salazar fired, where Mr. Salazar was struck, the officers name and footage of the body cam videos will not be released until the officer has had the opportunity to provide investigators with a statement.

Additional sound will not be provided today. We will provide a more thorough brief after the officer has had an opportunity to be interviewed.


Just before 4 p.m. Albuquerque Police Officers were called to a bank robbery at the Bank of America near Carlisle and Candelaria. An officer, who was on his way to work, spotted a man matching the suspect’s description nearby and attempted to make contact. The suspect ran from the officer and the officer followed him. Soon after shots were fired.

A gun was found near the suspect at the scene. It is unknown at this time if the suspect fired at the officer. The suspect sustained at least one gunshot wound. He is currently hospitalized and in stable condition.

Currently, one officer is on standard paid leave. At least two other officers were also on scene. All three officers will be interviewed and Crime Scene Investigators are examining multiple pieces of evidence.

The suspect is 47 years old. The FBI says he is a suspect in at least one other bank robbery. They will handle the bank robbery and work in conjunction with our agency.

The Multi-Jurisdictional Force Investigative Team is also conducting an investigation.

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