Albuquerque Driver Charged with Three Counts of Vehicular Homicide, DUI

BBSNews 2016-01-07 — APD. At approximately 0031 hours, Valley Area Command Officers were dispatched to a crash located on the I-40/I-25 Frontage Rd intersection. A driver identified as 23 year-old Jacob Jaramillo was traveling northbound on the I-25 Frontage Rd approaching the I-40 Frontage Rd. Jaramillo entered the intersection on a red light and crashed into another vehicle traveling westbound on the I-40 Frontage Rd which had the green light. The vehicle Jaramillo hit was occupied by 3 young occupants which ended up rolling over onto the roof. This was deemed a Full Motors Call-out.

Two of the victims passed away on scene and one was transported to a local hospital in critical condition. This victim later passed away from significant injury while at the hospital. It was discovered Jaramillo was extremely intoxicated at the time of the crash which is a contributing factor to the crash. The identities of the victims will not be released until the families are notified however they were all in their 20’s.

Jaramillo was transported to a local hospital for non-life threatening injuries. Once released, Jaramillo will be booked on 3 counts of Vehicular Homicide, Aggravated DWI and the Red Light violation.

The toxicology results for Jacob Jaramillo have been analyzed and released. The laboratory found that Mr. Jaramillo’s blood alcohol concentration at the time of this accident was .15, almost twice the legal limit.

The area of the crash has been cleared and is currently reopened.

The Albuquerque Police Department works very closely with other New Mexico law enforcement agencies to put an end to DWI. Such programs like ENDWI are being executed in full force to stop the unnecessary deaths of innocent victims due to one individuals extremely poor choice to drink and drive. We ask citizens who wish to drink to please drink responsibly and have a safe Holiday Season.

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Michael Hess

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