Israeli Demographic Problem is Now Too Big to Fail


It’s time for Israel to pick its poison

BBSNews – 2016-01-06 — By Michael Hess. Reuters restarted an ongoing check into the reality of Israel’s illegal occupation of Palestine by publishing a report last September that shows Israel and Palestine together, what Zionists like falsely call “Greater Israel”, have comparable demographic numbers now between Israeli Jews and Palestinians.

It was bound to happen eventually. The naysayers argued against the trends as hard as a Tea Party Republican argues against man-made climate change and to the same sad and deluded effect.

Israel’s central bureau of statistics released new population figures this week, as it does every year before the Jewish holidays, showing that the number of people in Israel has risen 1.9 percent in the past 12 months to 8.4 million … The numbers show that while 74.9 percent of Israel’s population is Jewish (6.3 million people), 20.7 percent (1.75 million) are Arab, both Muslims and Christians, made up of Palestinians who remained in Israel after its founding in 1948. The remainder are mostly non-Arab Christians.”

The same report shows that Palestinian numbers have achieved parity now:

“The Palestinian population of the West Bank and East Jerusalem was 2.79 million in 2014, according to the Palestinian Central Bureau of Statistics. In Gaza, it was 1.76 million. That gives a total of 4.55 million in the areas that the Palestinians seek for their own independent state.

Coupled with the 1.75 million Arabs in Israel, that is 6.3 million people of Palestinian origin in Israel and the Palestinian territories – the same number as there are Jews. Given that the Palestinian figures are a year old, the number of Arabs may well already exceed that of Jews.”

Four months later Haaretz had a more nuanced claim, that parity will be achieved by 2017. But the difference is truly meaningless. Whether it is today or tomorrow, the state of Israel is heading directly towards a disastrous future for both Israeli Jews and Palestinians.

The fifty year trend and purpose of land and resource theft of historic Palestine outside of Israel’s “legal” borders has resulted in about 600,000 illegal colonists outside of Israel in Palestine. This is course has sparked much resistance, but to many, including this writer, one can only express continued amazement that frustrated Palestinians have not come over or through (see above) the Apartheid Wall in human waves.

A future Greater Israel, where Israel has “annexed” (stolen) even more territory outside of Israel’s borders including the West Bank and East Jerusalem, a plan long envisioned by Israel’s “leaders” ever since the state was founded. With the object lesson to the world that Israel has also illegally “annexed” (stolen) the Golan Heights and still holds some Lebanese territory, and Israel illegally occupies Jerusalem and the rest of the West Bank it becomes obvious what the end goal is.

What’s the end goal?

The intention is for Israel to “annex” (steal) the West Bank but leave out the Gaza Strip. This is the supposed rationalization for those Hasbara artists who use a logical fallacy to explain away what is obviously a crime against humanity that would not be tolerated anywhere else; the US has sent troops for less.

Such thinking is a fool’s errand. One need only read UN Security Council resolution 1860 and backtrack through all the other Security Council resolutions therein to learn that it is the considered position of the Security Council over decades that the state of Palestine consists of the West Bank, Gaza Strip and East Jerusalem.

There will be no parting of Gaza from the rest of Palestine as 1860 makes perfectly clear:

“Recalling all of its relevant resolutions, including resolutions 242 (1967), 338 (1973), 1397 (2002), 1515 (2003) and 1850 (2008),

Stressing that the Gaza Strip constitutes an integral part of the territory occupied in 1967 and will be a part of the Palestinian state…”

So the demographic bomb is now, and here, and undeniable. And it really does not matter anyway. The numbers are so swollen now that it is impossible for Israel to “annex” (steal) the rest of historic Palestine and be able to win a free and fair election in the new Greater Israel.

So quibbling about the last few numbers, the last few thousands on either side give or take does not matter now. Ten years ago I said “time’s up.” That has never been more clear than now but there is now no going back as I strongly and urgently predicted.

Israel cannot under its current non-democratic configuration continue to call itself a “democracy” and how would that possibly improve when Israel takes the rest of Palestine but still holds millions of Palestinians captive in the ‘two laws for two people’s’ Israel?

The Poison

Israel could remove the more than 600,000 illegal colonists from Palestine, get out of the Golan, and retreat behind the borders that it declared in 1948, or it can leave the Palestinians in place, illegally “annex” the rest of Palestine and continue to hold them under Apartheid, or it can give all Palestinians within Greater Israel full equal rights and the vote.

There is no will within Israel to comply with international law firmly in place since 1949 regarding the protections guaranteed the indigenous Palestinians, but there is a groundswell of Israelis who wish to get rid of all Palestinians in any way possible and steal the rest of Palestine; and paint the remaining Palestinians within Israel as “terrorists.”

It looks like they have “won.” Since the United States even under President Obama cannot be trusted with enforcing international law where Israel is concerned but happy to impose it in lot’s of other places in the region that ironically are spawned by the original Israeli lawlessness – ‘territory seized by war is inadmissible’ – it’s hard to see any other future for Israel but such a corrosion of democracy and claimed values that any talk of Israel being a legitimate law abiding nation state will vanish like the dinosaurs of old.

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Michael Hess

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