Update: Suspicious Death, Man Found in Bathroom, Candelaria NW

BBSNews 2016-01-06 — By APD. Officers were called out yesterday in response to a suspicious death. Neighbors had reported hearing gunshots prior to this call. The investigation is complete, including the investigation by OMI. This death has been confirmed as a natural death. There were no confirmed gunshot and the deceased had no injuries. The blood reported to be “all over” was due to a medical condition. Because no crime was committed, we will not be releasing personal information.

Previous story:

Earlier this morning, at approximately 3:55 AM, officers were dispatched to Candelaria NW in response to a suspicious situation. The female caller advised the 911 dispatcher that her husband was in the bathroom, covered in blood and not responsive. When officers arrived on scene they found that the victim was in fact deceased. Based on the initial investigation, supervisors believed that the death was suspicious in nature and a Violent Crimes call out was made. At this time, this incident has NOT been classified as a Homicide and is still under investigation. I will provide further updates as they become available.

Tanner Tixier Public Information Officer Albuquerque Police Department

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