Canadian Masquerade: “Personal Choice” of the Niqab

Marco de Rossi, Atheist Freethinkers,
Zunera Ishaq (allegedly), Muslim-Canadian voterJust to set things up for you, Zunera Ishaq is the fundamentalist Muslim woman who, after a two-year legal battle, obtained permission from the Federal Appeal Court to take the citizenship oath while wearing her niqab.
Ms. Ishaq maintains that her battle to wear the niqab while taking the oath is merely a personal choice. However, according to Ms. Tahir Gora of the Canadian Coalition of Progressive Muslim Organizations, Ms. Ishaq is motivated by political considerations. In fact, Zunera Ishaq works as a volunteer for an organization linked to Jamaat-e-Islami, whose military wing is considered to be a terrorist organization. Up until last October 16th, her Facebook profile mentioned that she is a member of Jamaat-eIslami and a supporter of this Pakistani political party.
Thus, she became a central figure in the 2015 federal election campaign.

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