The Church’s Role in Keeping White Supremacy Alive

Rev. Dr. Susan K. Smith - Huffington Post
There are many things which we can get around if we try, but it is hard to escape the religious beliefs with which we grow up. In my home, the mantra was "love and forgive." As I watched on television police officers attack innocent black people with dogs and fire hoses, my mother issued a stern reminder that, regardless of what I was seeing, Jesus would have it that we love our enemies and forgive them.
I was devastated, yet struck by her words. I might have tried to ignore the words had they been just from my mother, but the fact that she put the comments in the context of the requirements of God made it almost impossible for me to ignore her.
Those precepts, to me, represented the centrality of the Christian message, but it seemed that they were not the precepts of many Christians, who hold the belief that God is the author of white supremacy, that God wants it and that God demands that believers keep it in place.

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Shakak Manteq

Shakak Manteq is from Tehran, Iran and is the founder of Iranian Atheists & Agnostics.