Key players in the Mora superintendent scandal

Here’s more about the key players in the case of Mora Superintendent Charles E. Trujillo faking his credentials:

Fidel Trujillo

Highlands dean of students, and Charles Trujillo’s cousin
Sent employment verification letter to state Public Education Department on university letterhead asserting that Charles Trujillo had been employed by Highlands as the deputy director of the New Mexico Work Program from 1995 until 2002. He actually served in that position for a much shorter period, from Jan. 12, 2000 to Aug. 3, 2002.

Debbie Trujillo

Luna Community College administrator
Sent a letter to PED asserting that Charles Trujillo was employed as a “full-time Adjunct professor” at Luna from January 2003 through August 2009. Charles Trujillo never worked for Luna before the fall of 2004, and documents in his personnel file suggest that he worked only as an adjunct instructor at Luna for three full years. In addition, there is no such thing as a full-time adjunct instructor.

George Trujillo

Chairman of the board of the Mora Independent School District; Charles Trujillo’s uncle
Cast the tie-breaking vote to hire Charles Trujillo as the Mora superintendent on a three-year contract.

Michelle Lewis

Public Education Department education consultant
Sent letter to Mora Independent School District in May vouching for Charles Trujillo’s fraudulent transcript.

Matthew Montaño

Public Education Department Educator Quality Division director; Charles Trujillo’s former boss
Signed off on Charles Trujillo’s administrative internship. Oversees division that polices educators.

Hanna Skandera

New Mexico education secretary
Oversees the state Public Education Department. Her signature is on the four PED licenses Charles Trujillo was issued in 2013

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